Collaboration Cue Card Project: An Insight!

I recently uploaded some more pictures of Collaboration Cue Cards to the Flickr group. Here’s a bit of backstory if you aren’t familiar with this little project of mine. Last time I uploaded the pictures I wrote a short blog entry but promised that I wouldn’t give any more updates unless there was something interesting to say.

Well….that day has come.

I don’t know if it’s particularly interesting, but one thing I noticed after looking at the 200+ cards is that some people seem to illustrate the process (Example 1) of collaborating and others illustrate the outcome (Example 2) of collaborating while others seem to illustrate both (Example 3).

Example One


Example Two


Example Three

Example Three

Why is this observation interesting? I don’t know. Maybe it lends a bit of insight into how people think and how best to communicate with them. For example, some people might like to see what the company is trying to accomplish (the outcome) while others would prefer to see how the company is going to get there (the process). This corresponds to the different types of visual models that Dan Roam talks about in his work, Back of the Napkin.


One response to “Collaboration Cue Card Project: An Insight!

  1. It’d be an interesting experiment to play with how you word your request for them to draw collaboration and see how much that affects the # of process illustrations vs. # of outcomes.

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