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WestJet: Great Customer Service

I was flying back to Toronto from Quebec City on West Jet a couple of weeks ago and all flights into Toronto were cancelled due to stormy weather. Needless to say all of the customers were quite agitated. Carl, the West Jet gate agent was SO apologetic even though there was obviously nothing that West Jet could do about it. Not only was he apologetic, but the company apparently has a policy to pay for its customers to stay overnight in hotels even if it’s a weather related delay. I was agog. In today’s airline industry, who provides meals, taxi chits and hotel rooms for a weather delay? Certainly not Air Canada. In fact, Air Canada now charges to help you if your plane gets delayed.

But that’s not all.

On the way back to the airport from the hotel, the taxi driver wouldn’t accept my voucher so I paid with a credit card. When I got to the check in desk I told the agent that I had to pay for the cab. She took my credit card receipt and told me she would photocopy it and send it to head office to process a charge back to my credit card and  would give the receipt back to me at the gate before I boarded. I guess we missed each other because I never got my receipt back and I figured I would be out $30 but that was still way better than if I had flown with Air Canada.

10 days later I get an envelope in the mail with my receipt and a letter from the agent’s home address with a hand written note apologizing for having not met me at the gate. A very nice touch. I figured I would have to give West Jet a call the next day and mail in my receipt in order to get a refund. The next morning I got a call from West Jet asking me if I would prefer to get my $30 back on my credit card or $75 towards a future flight.

Guess which one I took.